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How to Win a Beauty Pageant

Every girl who enters a beauty pageant has one goal in mind- winning. However, no matter how beautiful or talented each contestant is, there can only be one winner. So, you may be asking yourself the number one question. What can I do to win a beauty pageant? To begin with, if you want to win a beauty pageant you will have to do your research and prepare for hard work.

Just being a beautiful girl is not going to make you a winner. In fact, beauty pageants consist of more events then simple appearance alone. You must be prepared to present yourself as an eloquent and intelligent speaker, you must be poised, dignified, and showcase your talent with expertise. All of this requires hard work, determination, and taking the time to research each beauty pageants rules as well as their history.

One of the most important steps that you can take to ensure that you win is to hire a beauty pageant coach. Studies have shown that the majority of beauty pageant winners have coaches. Coaches are privy to information regarding simple things that the judges are looking for. The pageant contestant may inadvertently ignore these simple things. For example, ensuring that you have the proper model stance can be the difference between first place and runner up. Most beauty pageant winners are the first to admit that their coaches played a vital role in their success.

Training hard is essential to ensuring that you win your next beauty pageant. You will need to practice your public speaking skills, your specific talent, your walk, modeling stance, as well as work on your smile, hair and makeup. It is a good idea to study videotapes of previous winners of the beauty pageants that you are competing in. This is a great way to see what qualities the judges are looking for in a winner.

You will also need to have an enormous amount of self-discipline. Winning a beauty pageant requires that you are disciplined in every aspect of your life. You should consider the beauty pageant as if it were a marathon or an event that you were in training for. Discipline in your sleeping habits, exercise routine, and nutrition are essential to ensuring that you remain in prime condition. Many women have lost their spot as a beauty pageant winner due to overindulgence in food, drinking, and lacking exercise. You must be committed to doing whatever it takes to win your next beauty pageant to see your dream come true.

Make sure that you always behave appropriately and respectfully. This includes how you treat the other contestants, the judges, and the organizers of the contest. If you present yourself as having a horrible, snobby attitude you will find that it will work against you in the long run. Often times, people confuse self-confidence with arrogance. They are definitely two different things. Judges are looking for a woman who exudes grace as well as confidence, but a woman who presents herself as believing that she is better than everyone else and treats other people badly will never be successful.

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All About Menstrual Migraine

When it comes to migraines, women are three times more prone to getting them than men. Around 20% of women of childbearing age suffer from hormone-related headaches like menstrual migraine or PMS headache, with 70% of these women suffering from menstrual migraine.

While migraine symptoms differ from one person to the next, they generally include the following:

- Severe headache
- Feeling sick
- Being sick
- Sensitivity to light

While there seems to be no apparent reason for migraines to suddenly occur in some migraine sufferers, there could be triggers for others. If you suffer from migraine, you will eventually find out what your particular triggers are over time and you can make a conscious effort to avoid those triggers.

In the case of a menstrual migraine, a drop in estrogen levels appears to be the trigger. This drop in estrogen level happens right before a period starts. Although it is not low levels of estrogen that causes a migraine headache, it is the change in estrogen levels that trigger the it.

Types of Menstrual Migraine

You are suffering from menstrual migraine if your headaches starts two or three days after your period began and if the headaches last during your perid or for the entire duration.

Two patterns seem to be associated with menstrual migraine:

1. Menstrual Associated Migraine is the most common type of migraine, affecting six in ten women migraine sufferers. It usually occurs before and after periods, as well as other times of the month.

2. Pure Menstrual Migraine affects one in seven women migraine sufferers. This type of migraine only happens during a period.

Identifying Menstrual Migraine

In some cases, it might only be a coincidence if you experience a migraine at the same time as you are having your period. In order for your doctor to give a correct diagnosis, he or she may ask you to keep a record of your migraines for several months. Doing so will help your doctor identify if there is some kind of pattern that exists whenever you have your period and experience migraines.

Treatment of Menstrual Migraines

Painkillers and medication for preventing nausea and vomiting, plus anti-inflammatory agents that are usually for any other type of migraine are used for the treatment of menstrual migraines.


Because of menstrual migraines, some women are unable to work; they are unable to participate in leisurely activities and a variety of general activities every month. While treatment can certainly help, steps on actually preventing the menstrual migraines should be taken.

Since change in estrogen levels triggers menstrual migraines, a solution is the use of estrogen skin patches. Estrogen skin patches are a form of hormone replacement therapy. An estrogen patch is placed on the skin three days before the period begins and remains on the skin for one week. Women who do not like using estrogen patches could use estrogen gel instead. Estrogen gen is applied onto the skin every day for seven days.

Using Contraceptive Pills

While combined contraceptive pills can be used to control migraines, it is important that you do not attempt this one on your own, as it might result in an unwanted pregnancy. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor for advice on this kind of treatment.

- You can prevent menstrual migraines by preventing the period itself. You can do this by switching to a contraceptive that has lower progestogen content.

- The pill should be taken for three packets in a row, which is about nine weeks, then allot seven days where you don’t take any pill at all. This will keep your estrogen level constant, resulting in less bleeds and less frequent migraines. If you get a migraine during each of those seven days where you don't take anything, you can take estrogen supplements instead.

For more help on the prevention, treatment and remedies for migraines please see the Complete Guide To Migraine Headaches.

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